Feeling the Nature

A day after our nature-inspired walk, we are still under impressions which we want to share with you. Here’s what we’ve learned:


Fauna of Fruska gora is rich in species (does, boars and other game species, while deer are bred in the hunting reserves in the National Park). The Fruska gora is rich in insect species (stag-beetle, hill ant and certain representatives of butterflies. Till today, 110 bird species have been recorded. The most important among them are: Imperial eagle, booted eagle, woodpeckers, black woodpecker, raven, song-birds: red-breasted flycatcher, marsh titmouse, garden-hammer, etc. Some of the rare or declining mammal species are: wild cat, badger, pine marten, least weasel, edible dormouse, hazel dormouse and several species of bats.

Flora of Fruska gora is very diverse and specific.There are about 1500 flora species growing on the protected zone of the national park. This amount of different flora species is characteristic for Serbian mountains figher than Fruska gora. Angiosperms (Angiospermae) are the most numerous plants on Fruska gora, making more than 90 % of whole flora population. Many of them, 36 dicotyledons and 27 monocotyledons, are protected species in Serbia as a natural rarities. 


See the photos from our trip here.