Thanksgiving Day

Here you can see lesson plan for Thanksgiving day

In this lesson, students are introduced to the concept of Thanksgiving, make a Thanksgiving turkey decoration, sing a Thanksgiving song, read a funny Thanksgiving story and play lots of fun games.

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-Play ” Thanksgiving Picture Quiz”
 Put students in teams and get each team to come up with a name – write the team names on the board. Ask questions from below – students have to put their hands up if they know the answer – the first one with their hand up can answer and win a point for their team. If they answer incorrectly select another student to answer form another team. 


  • How many people are on the picture? 
  • How many children are in the picture? 
  • How many adults are in the picture? 
  • How many people are wearing glasses? 
  • Is the table full or empty? 
  • What color are the cans? 

-Make a “Turkey Hand & Foot Decoration”

Take out pre-made turkey craft decoration. Pair up students and tell them they are going to help each other make the craft:

i) Using brown construction paper, students help each other to draw an outline of their foot. This is then cut out 

ii) Now pairs help each other to draw outlines of their hands on yellow and orange construction paper. Again, these need to be cut out.

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-Play “Hunt the Turkey”
Using their turkey crafts everyone is going to play a fun game. Keep the students in pairs for this activity. First demonstrate with a student. Ask the student to close his/her eyes whilst you hide your turkey decoration (e.g. under a book, behind a bag, etc.). Then tell the student to look for your turkey. As the student is looking you can help by giving the following hints:

  • “cold” – the student is far away from the turkey
  • “colder” – the student is getting even further away from the turkey
  • “warm” – the student is near the turkey
  • “warmer” – the student is getting nearer the turkey
  • “hot” – the student is very near the turkey

-Sing “The Thanksgiving Song
Ask everyone what noise a turkey makes. Teach them the turnkey noise and action (strut around, flapping your elbows making “gobble gobble” sounds). 


Marinela Vukolić