We, teachers in New Age School are always trying to make our lessons more interesting, more potent and to keep up with new things that are more attractive to our young students. That’s why I was free to try with my kids something very trendy on web at this very moment. Our kids spend a lot of time on their phones so why don’t we turn it into something that benefits them.So I found a word game to practice their vocabulary in a new way.
First I sent them a link for the game with a simple push “Give it a try!”. Then on our next lesson, we began with that short activity. I was actually amazed by their achievements, bearing in mind that they are only 13. And they scored great in a game that millions of adults around the world are playing every day.
So what’s up with this game.
It’s a web-based puzzle that requires players to guess a new five-letter word every day, in six tries or less, and everyone gets the same word. You may have seen people sharing the gray, green, and yellow square patterns on Twitter, which show how they performed on that day’s Wordle without giving away the solution.


Once you’ve played the day’s game, you must wait until the next one is released, at midnight.


In contrast to seemingly everything else on the Internet, Wordle is not designed to be addictive, even if playing for five or ten minutes daily can feel like a compulsion. “It doesn’t want any more of your time” as the creator says.
So, join us and give it a try
, it’s fun and it’s good for your brain, let alone your English!

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Jasmina Mihić with Teammates 3, January 2022